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So how many picks do the Sixers have in the 2014 NBA Draft, really?

I'll tell you.

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The trade deadline devastation Sam Hinkie inflicted upon his current iteration of Sixers was wide-reaching and swift. He's left with Michael Carter-Williams, Thaddeus Young, and a bunch of cans of beans. But the future, as we know, is brighter. With just 112 days left until the 2014 NBA Draft, Sam has what looks to be 7 draft picks at his disposal. The odds of him selecting players with all of them is highly unlikely, but he'll for sure use them as assets to move around where he sees fit.

Let's run down the list with help from RealGM for the hell of it.

Sixers 1st (currently: 2nd)

It would go to the Celtics if the Sixers happen to make the playoffs. Considering a 21-game win streak would put the Sixers at 36-46, um, yeah.

Pelicans 1st (currently: t-10th)

Just 3 games separate New Orleans from the 5th seed, but 6 teams in the way. If they drop to 5 (they likely won't, as Justin wrote the other day), the pick rolls over to another top 5-protected pick in the 2015 draft. It would be hugely beneficial for the Sixers to get the pick this year, in the lottery of an excellent draft, rather than next year, when the Pelicans figure to be much improved and the draft class is weaker.

That Nerlens Noel trade was, hey, pretty alright.

Sixers 2nd (currently: 32nd)

For lots of good teams, this is even better than a late 1st since the money isn't guaranteed. If Hinkie sees somebody he likes at the back end of the first, it probably won't cost him much to move up a bit and get him.

Cavaliers 2nd (currently: 39th)

I sorta forgot I was supposed to be rooting for the Cavs to lose. Aw.

Grizzlies 2nd (currently: 45th)

They're tied for losses with the 8th-seeded Mavs right now. If they make the playoffs, the pick depreciates in value by about 4-5 spots since their record is better than most of the East's playoff teams and would slip behind them if they fall into the lottery. Let's go Mavs and Suns.

Nets 2nd (currently: 47th)

I miss the Bad Nets.

Rockets 2nd (currently: 56th)

Say hello to Thanasis Antetokounmpo!

And the Sixers have traded their own second rounder four times. How, you ask? Fun protections!

If their pick falls between 41-45, it goes to the Clippers from the Byron Mullens trade.
If their pick falls between 46-50, it goes to the Wizards from the Eric Maynor trade.
If their pick falls between 51-55, it goes to the Thunder (via the Grizzlies) from the Tony Wroten trade.
If their pick falls between 56-60, it goes to the Rockets from the Furkan Aldemir trade.

But none of those will happen so thank you for indulging me in pointlessness.

Also, I'd expect Arsalan Kazemi back next season, so that's basically another pick. Maybe Aldemir as well? That's an influx, ladies.

112 days until H-Day.

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