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Andrew Wiggins Declares for 2014 NBA Draft

With Kansas head coach Bill Self to his right and his family to his left, Andrew Wiggins announced he'll enter the 2014 NBA Draft.

Andy Lyons

Kansas freshman phenom Andrew Wiggins officially declared for the 2014 NBA Draft on Monday afternoon. After thanking "the glory of God," Wiggins announced the inevitable in front of a jam-packed media room in Lawrence.

"It wasn’t an easy decision because the fans showed me so much love here," Wiggins said after proclaiming his decision.

But, we've known his plans to be a one-and-done player ever since he said in October that he was planning on enjoying his last year in college. Of course, this announcement comes during the height of the newest NBA age limit debate. Wiggins' coach said he's a fan of the 19-year-old's decision.

"This is a happy day," Bill Self said "I think when students pick a school and go to college, they go for the reason to have the best chance to have the best life. Certainly, the time is right for Andrew and opportunity is certainly knocking on the door."

A reporter asked Wiggins if he'd like to play in his native country of Canada in the NBA and then if he had any preferences of which team drafts him.

"It would be really great to play in Canada and play in front of my home crowd," Wiggins said. But he declined to truly answer the second question. "No favorite team really. I'll play for whoever wants me. No preferences."

Wiggins did say he wants to be the No. 1 overall pick in this June's draft.

"That's just the competitive side You want to be chosen first," Wiggins said. "You want to be labeled as the best player."

Take that, haters who say he's too passive. Hey Andrew, you want to play for whoever wants you? We certainly desperately want you.

Thank "the glory of God" he declared.

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