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Sixers-Hawks Preview: MCW's Diary

This 2013-14 Sixers season has been one of equal struggle and comedy. To remember every moment of his adventurous rookie season, Michael Carter-Williams keeps a diary. Liberty Ballers has stumbled upon possession of his daily reflections.

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Saturday, March 29: Sweet Taste of Victory

The taste of victory is always delicious. But finally reaching the elusive mountain top of winning an NBA game after 26 unsuccessful attempts tastes like a damn personalized cake from Carlo's Bakery. To see the Pistons squirm on the Wells Fargo Center floor, after weeks of being criticized as an embarrassment to the League was out of this world, man. Screw the haters, the Philadelphia 76ers are winners, man. Through and through.

Yea, 26 straight is pathetic. But we didn't roll over to nobody. We didn't let no one step on us. Ain't nobody gonna spit on me when I'm down. We're gonna jump back up. We're gonna fight. We're gonna claw. We're gonna do whatever is humanly possible to earn the respect we damn well deserve, man. I'm salivating, man. A chance to get on a winning streak coming up on Monday. We in this. We gotta do it for Philly, man.

Fall down 26 times, stand up 76! I know I'm just a rook, but I've morphed into a leader of this squad. Thad's been amazing. He's a sage far wiser than his years of life and in the L. He's taught me so much and I'm forever grateful. Before we took on Detroit, I rallied the troops. We had to take a stand. We had to use the strength of our collective talents to forge forward and overcome. To protect our house, we bonded together, man. We became one.

How else can you explain a flawless Casper Ware-Elliot Williams alley-oop? Flawless rotations on defense? Limiting the great beast that is Andre Drummond to just a tame house cat? Scoring 70 points in the first half? T-Wrote dropping dimes up, down, left and right? That's teamwork. That's unity. The collective efforts of a group are far greater than those of any one individual. We now know that. We're gonna surprise some folks during these last few games. You heard it hear first.

Nothing like fighting with your brothers. And only when faced with encountering war does one show his true colors. We'll go to war again on Monday in Atlanta and we will battle our hearts out. The heart of a lion is far greater than the shooting prowess of a Kyle Korver. I promise you that, Philly. I promise you that.

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