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Sixers-Pistons Recap: Winner Winner, Big Mac Dinner

Recapping the Sixers' first win in 27 games in the tune of the Sixers' catchy, kind of annoying theme song.

John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

1. The Sixers won, in a blowout, 123-98 over the Pistons. What a turnaround from such a depressing stretch for the team. MCW scored 21 points, getting to the line 10 times in the process. Thaddeus Young also picked up 21, and the Sixers bench scored 46 efficient points.

2. The thing that bothered me most during the losing streak were the attacks by people on the idea of a losing streak so long rather than the execution of said streak. The Sixers, 95% of the time, were playing hard. We're they always playing together, or in unison? No - that can happen when losses and frustrations mount. It can also result from rapid roster turnover. The Sixers have had both. Tonight, things seemed to click.

That clicking came mostly because the Pistons forgot to show up. Efforts like the one the Pistons put forth today have no place in the league. Brandon Jennings jumped ship when it looked like his team would have to play hard for a win, getting kicked out by amassing two technicals in about 10 seconds. Josh Smith tried to follow him out of the game, but the referees punished him by not kicking him out.

Smith never moved at full speed, never set a hard screen, never did anything but look for his stats with as little effort as possible. The entire lack of effort was disgusting and one truly indicative of a team that's ready for the season to end. The Pistons have a terrible mix of talent, which bodes well for their tanking quest.

3. The game was never really close. The Sixers led by 10 after one quarter and by 19 at halftime.

4. Michael Carter-Williams played especially well tonight. Part of that was the disinterest, and eventual ejection, shown by Brandon Jennings and the rest of the Pistons. But he generally made the right passing decisions and played under control. His stats also tend to look better when he gets to the line. Also notable: Elliot Williams had his second good game of the season. Hollis Thompson hit four threes, 3 of them from the corners. And Thaddeus Young had an efficient offensive game for the first time in seemingly forever.

5. I've got nothing for this:

6(ers). Part of the reason for the blowout was the better-than-expected shooting the Sixers displayed. That's going to be something the Sixers need to acquire around the (hopefully) superstar-level talent they draft this summer. Shooting is simultaneously the most valuable support asset and the hardest to find, so finding cheap, team-controlled ones like Thompson could bode wonderfully for the team's future. That's what this season is all about, the future. But tonight's win was a good reprieve from the depressing tank talk, and for that, I'm happy. Even if the result may counter our long-term plans.

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