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Sixers Win, Sixers Win, Sixers Win, Sixers Win, Sixers Win

123-98 in favor of the Philadelphia 76ers basketball team squad.

Rob Carr

The Sixers have won a game. It took 59 days and 26 losses since their previous victory. But here we are, beating a Detroit Pistons team that had no incentive to win and who played like it. This game was never close. The Sixers did everything right, I guess, and came away with an actual win. The streak is over. They're now 16-57.

I'd say let's just choose to be happy about this. Be happy for Thaddeus Young. Michael Carter-Williams. Brett Brown. Marc Zumoff and Malik Rose, who ended the broadcast by singing a Sixersized version of "Happy" by Pharrell.

Also, the Wells Fargo Center was pretty packed tonight. That was rad. Good for Sixers fans, and fans who wanted them to win this game. There were probably some young kids at the game who are going home happy because the Sixers won. That's okay.

This isn't quite as embarrassing on paper as it could've been. The Sixers don't hold every terrible record by themselves -- they just share one with the Cavs. All is well if the Pistons lose to the Milwaukee Bucks (14-58) on Monday.

For godssakes just don't let the Sixers win another one.

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