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Zach LaVine and Kyle Anderson Leaving UCLA for 2014 NBA Draft

Alright alright alright.

Jeff Gross

My distant cousin Zach LaVine will be entering his name into the 2014 NBA Draft. So will his UCLA teammate Kyle Anderson, after the Bruins' Sweet Sixteen loss to Lee Humphries and the Florida Gators last night. Both of these guys departing Westwood are two of the more interesting and polarizing prospects in the field and could certainly entice the Sixers around the Pelicans pick, with one of their many second rounders, or anywhere in between.

LaVine has some people thinking of Russell Westbrook with his speed and athleticism and bounce, but I fall closer in line with Rodney Carney. Like depending on how the draft shakes out, I could see him landing at 12 or 33. That's a wide spray. Our favorite Roy Burton has long been a fan, ranking him 10th in the first iteration of the LB Big Board, citing his athleticism and (streaky as hell) jumper (that he fades away on every time) that would make him a nice pair with Michael Carter-Williams in the Sixers backcourt. He's scored a total of 11 points in the last five games. I like the upside, but I don't see it happening in this reality.

Anderson, AKA SlowMo, is just as polarizing. A 6'8 point forward who can't shoot or defend or do much of anything athletically sounds pretty similar to a guy we know, yeah? Kyle creates more for his teammates than Evan Turner did and has a nickname that makes more sense. My friend (who is also named Kyle) tried to feed me arsenic for saying I'm intrigued by Anderson but not before the early second round. The lack of a jumper just scares me. Yeah he shot 48.3% from deep this year, but that's on 28 made threes, and I trust a lifetime of scouting more than 28 makes.

Certainly two fun guys to dream about, but not ones I'd personally consider with the New Orleans pick at all. You feel differently, tell me about it below.

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