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Sixers-Spurs Recap: Sixers Lose 25th Straight

Another win bites the dust.

The Spurs beat the Sixers by 22 points, 113-91, in what might be considered a minor upset. I'd have assumed the margin would have been greater. San Antonio's the best team in the league right now and a model of what the Sixers want to do.

In one of the stranger developments against the Sixers this season, in a year filled with them, Austin Daye (?!) led the Spurs with 22 points, including a very solid 6-10 from behind the three point line.

The Sixers stink. As much as we talk about the potential future value of some players (and you're going to get an article about one from Pavorsky on Tuesday morning), they almost all suck now and have fatal flaws which limit their future potential. Hollis Thompson can't actually do anything. James Anderson tries too much. Henry Sims doesn't appear to be able to run. Tony Wroten can't shoot. Byron Mullens can't look normal. We're playing Casper Ware.

As a gym trainer from Pokemon Red taught me, light years don't measure time, they measure distance. But no matter which of time or distance you're measuring, the Sixers are light years away from matching the Spurs' level of consistent success. The team would be fortunate to achieve success anywhere near the level of the Spurs' dominant 15-year run.

Other game/tanking notes:

  • Loss number 26 in a row likely will happen against the Rockets on Thursday night. While likely overshadowed by the ongoing NCAA tournament, the record is likely to make news. I'll continue to feel bad for the players and coaches, as it appears obvious they're still playing hard on most nights.
  • Thaddeus Young and Michael Carter-Williams combined for 34 points on 40 shots. The two are clearly miscast as featured scorers.
  • Henry Sims smashed his previous career-high with 7 assists last night.
  • Casper Ware played 10 minutes in his debut without much of an impact.
  • Potential loss number 27 will take place at Wells Fargo Center on Saturday against the Pistons, which actually seems like a winnable game.

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