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Sixers-Spurs GameThread: The Silver Anniversary

The Spurs play beautiful basketball, but you might want to avert your eyes from the ensuing bloodbath. If you're a masochist, join us!

They should sit like this a lot tonight.
They should sit like this a lot tonight.
2013-2014 NBA Regular Season
Philadelphia 76ers
San Antonio Spurs
March 24, 2014
AT&T Center
8:30 PM EDT
CSN Philly/3M's/Marc Zumoff, Malik Rose, and Molly Sullivan
Probable Starters
Michael Carter-Williams PG Cory Joseph
James Anderson SG Manu Ginobili
Hollis Thompson SF Kawhi Leonard
Thaddeus Young PF Tim Duncan
Henry Sims C Tiago Splitter
2013/14 Advanced Stats (Per
99.5 (1) Pace 94.9 (12)
98.3 (30) ORtg 110.3 (6)
109.4 (26) DRtg 102.3 (4)
Game Officials
Danny Crawford
Brian Forte
Olandis Poole

Have you heard that the Sixers have lost a lot of games in a row? Yeah, I'm sure you have. I think we're at 24 now, which is exactly a third of an NBA season's worth of games. I remember what day the Sixers last won, since it was my mom's birthday, nearly two months ago.

Anyway, they're not going to win tonight. 25 games in a row will be the case after tonight, and in keeping up with the suggestion of not watching every game, you can probably take this one off. The Spurs have won 13 in a row and rested their starters in their last game. Who knows if they'll do it again?

But the Spurs, no matter who suits up, play beautiful basketball, and for someone like me that adores that, the game might be a watchable beatdown. Except I'm out of town and will probably have more important things to do.

Check out Pounding the Rock for Spurs-centric coverage, of a team that's more than running out the season. Per their game preview, the spread currently is at 21.5, which is the largest of this season so far. Only read that last part if sports gambling is legal in your parts. Also, I helped describe the Sixers' situation to Quixem Ramirez over at Project Spurs. Check that out for my go-to HP reference.

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