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76ers' Sunday Morning Shootaround: Our First Time

The first tweets from a handful of Sixers-related accounts are far less embarrassing than the recent performance of the team itself.

Twitter celebrated its 8th birthday this past week, and in honor of the occasion, it rolled out a feature that allows users to see the first thing that they ever tweeted.

As the saying goes, curiosity is the mother of invention (or something like that), so we here at the Sunday Morning Shootaround went back into the archives to check out the very first tweets from ourselves as well as a few key members of the Sixers' family.

(Editor's note: I tried to find the first tweets for both @Liberty_Ballers and @BrandonGowton, but came up empty for reasons unknown. Pretty sure there are some shamrocks and shenanigans going on with those Twitter servers...)

Last month, Smith was ruled out for the season with an injury to his right knee. And just last Wednesday, the Sixers Twitter account continued its pattern of thrilling updates with the following:

Time is a flat circle.

This was also their last tweet (thank you, Mike Levin).

In unrelated news, check out this video of a car hurtling down a track at 100 MPH before crashing into a cement wall.

Pretty sure 'other' meant "Tweeting out ridiculous quotes from Evan Turner."

I don't even know what this means.

Tampon and condom references right out of the gate? That's the Mike Levin we all know and love... except for the fact that he went by LBMikeBourn back then. It's a good thing Twitter wasn't around 15 years ago, or else I'd be stuck with the handle @AIDaYoungGawd.

Three years later, this man has more sources than the rest of the Liberty Ballers' staff put together.

Apparently, young Jake Fischer thought that Twitter had a 15-character limit - that's the only logical explanation as to why he couldn't be bothered to put the 'h' in "what".

Just in case you weren't aware, Sean O'Connor is an accountant.

I think you got it backwards, Rich: Facebook is for old people, while Twitter is for the children. Like Wu-Tang.

After scoring a total of 30 points in the first four games of the series, Lamar Odom went off for 19 and 14 in Game 5 of the 2009 Western Conference Finals. Meanwhile, Tanner's been scoring with the ladies ever since.

Rumor has it that Dave still uses that cell phone to this day. In fact, he and Andrew Luck are the last two people in America with a working flip phone.

Well... this is slightly embarrassing.

And by "the next Charlie Villanueva", I meant "person who gets paid millions of dollars a year by only being tangentially connected to the game of basketball."

Hakim Warrick spent all of six months with Milwaukee before he was traded (with Joe Alexander!) to Chicago for John Salmons and draft picks that later became Larry Sanders, Isaiah Thomas and Robert Sacre. Using that as a frame of reference, the Eagles should be able to get 11 first-round picks for DeSean Jackson.

Well... thanks to the All-Star Final Vote campaign, that actually happened. And in 2011, it happened again. BTW, Justin has already predicted that the Sixers will wind up with Jabari Parker this June. Shirseys on sale now at the Sixers' Fan Shop.

It's appropriate that Mr. Baumann referred to himself as the R-rated Twitter superstar: There are pictures out there on the Interwebs where he bears more than a passing resemblance to former WWE wrestler Edge. I tried to find them, but I got sidetracked when I came across swimsuit photos of Eva Longoria.

Never change, Malik.

Missing you, Lavoy.

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