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New Orleans Pelicans Draft Pick Update

And just a reminder of how great that trade was.

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At the doorstep of the NCAA Tournament, our collective focus is 90% college prospects, 8% "Will The Sixers Ever Win A Game Before The NBA Moves Them To Biloxi?" and 2% Brandon Davies. With about a month left in the NBA season, the New Orleans Pelicans have 17 games left to play. We -- the Sixers, not Liberty Ballers, although that'd be great -- own their draft pick.

Considering where we thought the pick would land when Sam Hinkie wizzed on Doug Collins' grave by trading Jrue Holiday for Nerlens Noel and a Top 5-protected 2014 first rounder, the deal favors the Sixers even more. Jrue got hurt, Ryan Anderson got hurt, Anthony Davis has been on and off the court, and Greg Stiemsma hasn't been the franchise player we all counted on -- that pick looks mighty good.

As it stands, the Pellies are 26-39, the 4th-worst team in the West. Sean will touch this in his tanking rankings next week, but because I get all handsy when it comes to their pick, I'm touching on it too.

#11 New York Knicks 27-40 --
#10 New Orleans Pelicans 26-39 --
#9 Cleveland Cavaliers 26-49 0.5
#8 Detroit Pistons 25-41 1.5
#7 Sacramento Kings 23-43 3.5
t-4 Boston Celtics 22-44 4.5
t-4 Utah Jazz 22-44 4.5
t-4 Los Angeles Lakers 22-44 4.5

And the Pellies host those Celtics today. A Boston win would make things quite interesting. Utah, Sacramento, and Cleveland are also in action, all in unfavorable matchups for us.

8th seems very doable. 8th would be very nice. NYK/Cleveland/Detroit all want to make the playoffs, so they should be winning. People worry about 6 and 7. I consider myself one of those people, though I recognize the value in going for broke with 6 and hoping they don't jump into the top 3. I'd feel super cozy at 8. Queasier at 7. Nauseous at 6. It's unlikely anyhow -- too many teams to jump and not enough games left to do it to all of 'em.

So since the abolishment of Team Chill and Team Panic, we're all united on Team Time Go Faster, because we're just shy of two months out of the Lottery and oh god I'm already drenched with sweat.

Now, back to pining for Gary Harris, Nik Stauskas, and Adreian Payne.

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