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76ers' Sunday Morning Shootaround: Tanks On Tanks On Tanks

In this edition of the Sunday Morning Shootaround, Evan Turner gets a ride to the airport, Tony Wroten's sneaker falls apart, and Brett Brown goes far beyond the call of duty.

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The happiest coach with a 20-game losing streak in the NBA.
The happiest coach with a 20-game losing streak in the NBA.
Jamie McDonald

Whenever an undesirable player gets traded out of town, we always say that we'd drive him to the airport. Sixers' GM Sam Hinkie actually did it.

I would have paid good money to be the hanging pine tree air freshener for that car ride. And for a man who once said, "Hinkie is not my GM", Turner actually seemed to appreciate the move:

"It was random, for sure," Turner said. "But I can shoot the s--- with anyone. It was cool, man. Hinkie is definitely a cool guy. He comes off as reserved. Sometimes you don't really know what to take from him at first, but he talks and he's cool and he has pretty cool stories. It was just a kind gesture. I appreciate that."

In an unrelated story, Lavoy Allen recently submitted an expense report for the one-way Regional Rail ticket he purchased just prior to his flight to Indiana.


Speaking of Evan Turner, Tony Wroten tried to put a move on him Friday night, and this is what happened to his "Varsity Red" Xs.

Li Ning 1, Nike 0.


Whatever they're paying Brett Brown this season, they really should give him a bonus for reaching out to season ticket holders this past week.

(Just a thought: I wonder if the team had John Lucas do the same thing during that 18-64 dumpster fire that was the 1995-96 season. But I digress...)

I can't lie: This clip has made it 3.7 percent less likely that I'll ignore my phone whenever a 215-339-76XX number flashes on the screen. In fact... a pep talk from coach Brown almost makes me want to BE a member of the Sixers' sales team.

Think about it: a little over two months from now, you can go from having one of the worst jobs in America to one of the best. If the ping-pong balls are drawn just right, and the Sixers wind up with either Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker, the commission money will be flowing in. Cold calls will be a thing of the past - people will actually want to talk to you. You basically wouldn't have to "sell" anything - the tickets would pretty much sell themselves.

Of course, Parker could stay in school, Joel Embiid could develop Mike Tyson-like issues with his back, and the business of selling the Sixers would get a little more difficult.

Do the Eagles have any openings in their ticket department? Asking for a friend.


BREAKING: Brett Brown will still be coaching the Sixers next year.

A franchise record-tying 20 straight losses... 30 losses in their last 33 games... what time is it exactly?

Vader Time?

Peanut Butter Jelly Time?

Morris Day and the Time?

Time For the Percolator?


This picture gave me all of the feels. Missing you, Nerlens. (Technically, is it really "missing you" if you haven't shown up in the first place?)


REALLY missing you, A.I.


Hold up... the Sixers invited their season ticket holders to a place (the Adventure Aquarium in Camden) full of actual tanks? I SEE WHAT YOU'RE DOING, SCOTT O'NEIL.

Next season, the team plans to hold a meet-and-greet at the Lima Army Tank Plant to give season ticket holders an up-close and personal look at how the M1 Abrams is made.


I really hope that Bynum shirsey isn't the only "toilet paper" in that bathroom because that would be disgusting on so many levels. #mudbutt

Not missing you, Andrew.

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