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Lorenzo Brown cut to make room for Darius Johnson-Odom


Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

If my worst hope wasn't realized (Brandon Davies remains!), this would be second place. The Sixers had one too many roster spots after the Darius Johnson-Odom signing and somebody had to go. Lorenzo Brown, Mayor of all roads from Philly to Delaware on FourSquare, was that guy.

Well, I'm sad. Zo had been with the team almost the whole season and after being yanked back and forth from the 87ers, I had hopes that the Sixers believed in him enough to keep him around. As I said in today's Ricky Sanchez (we just knew the news would break as soon as we finished the podcast and it quite literally did -- like seconds), I preferred the statement cuts of Arnett Moultrie and/or Byron Mullens. Or a guy I also like, but don't see as much of a fit in Elliot Williams.

Alas, it's Brown. And holy crap it's been a while since I looked at his stats -- he's shooting 3-30 from beyond the arc. That's not great. A 34.9% true shooting percentage. Well, that's not great either. Maybe, uhh, this was the right move.

Still sad. Welcome to the team, DJO. Hit some shots, goof around, we'll mourn for you in ten days time.

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