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March 12 College Basketball Game Thread: Marcus Smart, FUQUAN!, And I Hate The Pac-12

Let the (major conference) tournaments begin!

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Today marks the first day of major conference college basketball tournaments, which means conference championship week will be transitioning from players you've mostly never heard of and players you'll never hear of again except for those who workout with the Sixers to legitimate NBA draft candidates. And for some like Noah Vonleh whose Indiana team is at best a fringe bubble contender, this week will be your last chance to watch them in action before the NBA Draft. In other words, it is time to get excited for the craziest month in sports!

Today, every major tournament except the Big Ten gets started and while there is not much in terms of NBA Draft prospects, there is not nothing either. Early 2nd round pick C.J. Wilcox is in action against Utah and if the Pac-12 Tournament TV deal did not completely and utterly screw East Coast viewers, you'd have something to watch this afternoon. But alas, the Pac-12 does not care for you, bloodthirsty fans of East Coast tanking NBA teams, and you have to wait until the evening for fun. But fun there will be because Marcus Smart's in action tonight!

Window #1
ACC First Round: #13 Notre Dame vs. #12 Wake Forest 1:00 (ESPNU)
Pac-12 First Round: #9 Washington vs. #8 Utah 3:00 (Pac-12 Network)

Who to watch: C.J. Wilcox (Washington)

Window #2
ACC First Round: #15 Virginia Tech vs. #10 Miami (FL) approx. 3:30 (ESPNU)
Pac-12 First Round: #12 Southern California vs. #5 Colorado approx. 5:30 (Pac-12 Network)

Who to watch: No one in these games is projected in Draft Express's latest mock draft. Use this time to eat dinner.

Window #3
AAC First Round: #10 South Florida vs. #7 Rutgers 7:00 (ESPNU)
ACC First Round: #14 Boston College vs. #11 Georgia Tech 7:00 (ESPN2)
Big East First Round: #9 Butler vs. #8 Seton Hall 7:00 (FS1)
Big XII First Round: #9 Texas Tech vs. #8 Oklahoma State 7:00 (
SEC First Round: #13 South Carolina vs. #12 Auburn 7:00 (
Pac-12 First Round: #10 Oregon State vs. #7 Oregon 9:00 (Pac-12 Network)

Who to watch: Fuquan Edwin (Seton Hall), Marcus Smart (Oklahoma State), Markel Brown (Oklahoma State),

Window #4
AAC First Round: #9 Central Florida vs. #8 Temple approx. 9:30 (ESPN2)
Big East First Round: #10 DePaul vs. #7 Georgetown approx. 9:30 (FS1)
Big XII First Round: #10 Texas Christian vs. #7 Baylor approx. 9:30 (
SEC First Round: #14 Mississippi State vs. #11 Vanderbilt approx. 9:30 (
Pac-12 First Round: #11 Washington State vs. #6 Stanford approx. 11:30 (Pac-12 Network)

Who to watch: Cory Jefferson (Baylor), Dwight Powell (Stanford), and Temple if you are up for local team disappointment tonight.

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