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Casper Ware! Sixers! Casper Ware!


Beastie Boys, big Casper Ware fans.
Beastie Boys, big Casper Ware fans.
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sport

The Bottom of the Barrel is the NBA's most exclusive nightclub. Here, you'll find Sam Hinkie crawling underneath tables and bathroom stalls looking for players everyone has forgotten about. A few days ago, it was James Nunnally, Darius Johnson-Odom, Scott Suggs, and Kevin Murphy. Now... it's the year 2011's own Casper Ware, pride of the Long Beach State 49ers.

At least according to this website, the validity of which I don't even care about because this is my favorite Sixers story of the year.

Ware last played for Virtus Bologna, which sounds like extremely honorable meat, and now my choice non-American sports team. Casper can shoot and pass and is named Casper. For the record no one cares about, I remembered Casper Ware played for LBSU without having to look. You do not want to know where Casper Ware played college basketball without having to look.

Let's see what LB Twitter's reaction is.

Yeah, things are looking good for the Sixers.

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