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Nerlens Noel Dunking And Such Things


Here is a picture of Nerlens Noel not dunking.
Here is a picture of Nerlens Noel not dunking.
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Nerlens Noel has been out since the French Revolution rehabbing his torn ACL from his last game at Kentucky. The Sixers have rightly been taking it slow with him, rebuilding his shot first and allowing him to heal properly. He'll be the player molded in Sam Hinkie's brain image when he gets back -- that's some Adam and Eve stuff there. A whole bunch of biblical metaphors to unpack with Nerlens but that's for another time.

We have video from Keith Pompey of Nerlens Noel dunking. Watch it. Watch it some more. Watch it again but like with your computer tilted so it feels different.

He's working on his footwork and getting himself in proper position for a nice baby hook. And yes, DUNKING THE BASKETBALL MAMA THERE GOES THAT FLAT TOP.

No reason to think Noel won't make an appearance after the Trade Deadline. Sixers are still tempering expectations, but that's definitely something to look forward to as you sharpen your pitchforks for Trade Deadline stagnancy. Remember when we had the Bynum practice/dunking reports? Did not look like this, no sir.

Next year is gonna be so great.

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