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Thank You Jeff Green: Celtics End Game With More Points Than Sixers Immediate Reaction Thread

The Celtics won the game 114-108. Praise the tank.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

After a disappointing last second victory last weekend in Boston, the Sixers exacted some revenge tonight in Philadelphia with a 114-108 loss to the Celtics. Hollis Thompson was the Sixers worst scorer of the day, managing only six points on 2-3 shooting in 23 minutes of play. Meanwhile Jeff Green led the Celtics with a 36-point performance that consisted of shooting 11-18 from the field including 5-7 from beyond the arc.

Below are some thoughts on the game

  • This was the Tony Wroten game to end all Tony Wroten games. If you look up Tony Wroten in a dictionary you will find a two and a half hour YouTube video of this game. He finished the game 5-13 including a 56-foot buzzer beater at the conclusion of the third quarter, 2 rebounds, and 4 assists.
  • Jeff Green had a mammoth game. This is exactly what the Sixers tank job needed especially after Evan Turneritzki's heroicness last Wednesday. Yes, they went there.
  • The Sixers were within single digits of the Celtics throughout the fourth quarter including down just four with 54 seconds left, but it never felt like the end of the game was in much jeopardy.
  • There seemed to be a notion flying around among some circles that Rajon Rondo does not make the Celtics a better team because the Celtics were 1-7 with Rondo this season. Rondo was just 4-8 from the field with 8 points, but he also managed nine rebounds (all defensive) and 11 assists. Comparing the Celtics without Rondo last week to with Rondo tonight, I say Rondo makes them a better team. I also reached this conclusion through common sense.
  • Thank goodness the Sixers lost. This gives them their fourth loss in a row with their last win being the Celtics game last Wednesday.
Haiku-based recap will be up later tonight. Until then, react here.

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