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FULL (HAIKU) RECAP: Celtics 114, Sixers 108

The Celtics beat the Sixers 114-108 Wednesday night at the Wells Fargo Center. Here now are some haikus.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

I missed quarter one.
Eating a real big dinner
Bacon wrapped chicken

Sixers are winning
Why must they do this to me?
Please make it stop. Please.

Jeff Green made a three
It was a thing of beauty
Some more of them please

Wroten in the stars
A million miles away
You may kill me now

"Jeff Green, a man who
plays for the team in green, is
seeing green." - Rose

Kelly Olynyk
Many feared Sixers drafting him
Quite the head of hair

Olynyk's stat line
0 for 1 with 1 FT.
Celtics best tanker?

Tony Wroten from
fifty-six feet out, it's good
to end the quarter

Hollis Thompson and
Hollis Thomas; similar
names different bodies

Rookie of the month again
Not his best tonight

I still have no clue
what Lavoy Allen is good
at in basketball

Off Michael Carter-
Williams's foot and out of bounds
Game over C's win.

Thaddeus Young had
twenty points for the Sixers.
This led the whole team.

Jeff Green picked the right
night to have a sublime game

Elliot Williams shot
three of four from the field for
seven points. Baller.

The Sixers have lost
four straight games. With a game verse
Lakers next up though.

After that it's a
West coast trip. Clips, Warriors,
Jazz. Here come losses!

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