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Ded's Dead, Baby: Sixers Let Dewayne Dedmon Walk

Left For Ded

Keep wearing balls as hats, Dewayne. <3
Keep wearing balls as hats, Dewayne. <3
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Dewayne Dedmon Magical Mystery Tour Poppin' Daddies Revival has come to an end, it seems. After two 10-day contracts, the Sixers had a decision to make on the former USC big man: pick him up for the whole season or let him expire. He expired and now he is Ded. Well, mostly Ded.

Theoretically, the Sixers could pick him up again after any trade deadline shenanigans. Logically, this could mean they're keeping a spot open in case any trades require taking on another roster spot (probable) or the forever-imminent never-arriving return of Arnett Moultrie.

Ded did some good stuff. Blocked shots. Ran around. Had a good time.

But it's clear that backups to the backup center is not really a priority here and even if he does come back down the road, Hinkie And Sons didn't see enough from him to move the needle.

Dedmon laid to rest. Send Cowboy Dan Orton our best.

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