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Danny Granger Bought Out and Waived

Sixers found no interest in sign-and-trade possibilities with the veteran forward.

Also: Swaggy P
Also: Swaggy P
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As Jake Pavorsky first reported will happen on Monday, the Sixers have now bought out Danny Granger's contract. So long as Granger clears waivers, which should happen at 5:00 EST tomorrow, Granger will become a free agent eligible to sign with any of the 28 teams that haven't yet employed him this season..

The Sixers planned a sit down with Granger after the trade went down. By all accounts, he did not want to play in Philadelphia, preferring to play on a team with title aspirations. He likely made that clear during his meeting with Brett Brown.

NBA rules prevent Granger from rejoining the Pacers, but other teams reportedly have interest. Pavorsky and Jake Fischer believe that Granger's likely suitors are all likely playoff teams this year: the Spurs, Rockets, and even the Suns. ESPN's Marc Stein and Ramona Shelburne add the Clippers to the list.

But why the two day delay? Pavorsky has more:

The Sixers aren't going to save any money on the Granger buyout, as they were below the salary floor. Investigating the option of a sign-and-trade makes sense in that regard. But once the Sixers found no interest from suitors or from Granger in an arrangement, it made sense to let him go.

The Sixers now have 14 players under contract. Expect them to scour the waiver and 10-day contract market for another big.

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