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Should The Sixers Sign Jimmer Fredette?

The former BYU star is on his way out in Sacramento, and Philadelphia actually makes a lot of sense.


Right now, the Sixers are the antithesis of a fun NBA team. I'm currently getting my kicks watching Byron Mullens taking (and making!) mid-range jumpshots of inbound plays. It's a sad time to be watching Philadelphia play night in and night out, and there's a good chance that I might have a nervous breakdown before the next 25 games are up.

But there is one man set to become a free agent that could make all of this pain and suffering worth it: Jimmer Fredette. Multiple media outlets are reporting that the Sacramento Kings will be buying out Fredette, which could come as early as tomorrow. The Sixers are dealing with an impending buyout of their own and will have an open spot on their 15 man roster, making a union between Philly and Fredette all the more likely.

The two part question is: Should the Sixers pursue Provo's native son, and would he even want to sign here? To both I answer yes.

With rookie shooting guard Ben McLemore and new head coach Mike Malone in the fold, Jimmer essentially became an afterthought for the Kings. He's played sparingly this season, and hasn't seen the floor in Sacramento's past two games. However, he's shooting 47.5% from the floor, and nearly 50% from beyond the arc, all of which are career highs for him. Fredette's only strength is perimeter shooting, but still struggled prior to this season to find his groove from outside. Frankly, he would be the closest thing the Sixers would have to be a pure scorer, a two guard who can be the threat from long range that James Anderson is not. The 24 year-old would probably salivate over the idea of playing in Brett Brown's fast paced offense, where he could run-and-gun like he did at BYU until he can't get his arms over his shoulders anymore.

He will also be a free agent this summer, and there is no better way to net yourself a nice contract then by playing on a Sixers team in which he would most certainly see 20 plus minutes a game. Fredette's situation differs from that of Danny Granger because teams love veterans with playoff experience, and Jimmer's poor defense would likely net him a spot on the end of a bench of a title contender. His DRtg of 111 this year is actually a career best for him, which should do a good job of scaring off a team like San Antonio or Phoenix.

It would be Sam Hinkie's M.O. to go out and sign a guy who was a former first round pick, and a source told Liberty Ballers that the team would indeed entertain the idea of signing the former BYU guard.

A merger of the two parties could end up paying dividends for both.

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