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Poll: Can The Philadelphia Sixers Win Another Game This Season?

Seriously, can they?

Let the snooze fest commence.
Let the snooze fest commence.
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Monday night, the Sixers entered their contest against the 10-45 Milwaukee Bucks two-point underdogs on their home floor. If that spread seemed comical before the two teams actually squared off on the court, the hilarity that ensued during the Sixers’ 130-110 loss to Milwaukee was like an all-time episode of Seinfeld. To be frank, the Bucks were leading 73-44 at halftime.

The hapless loss begs the question: can this current Sixers team, boasting just Thaddeus Young and Michael Carter-Williams as legitimate NBA players, even win another game during the remainder of this season?

As assessed two weeks ago, 11 of the Sixers’ 12 wins following the team’s 3-0 start have come against teams that ranked in the bottom-half of the NBA in forcing turnovers. If you want to view that as a solid metric, the Sixers remaining 25 games present 15 opponents that rank in the bottom-half of the league in forcing turnovers. However, that trend seemed likely to correlate to Sixers victories prior to the deadline when MCW had two capable scorers to pass to in Evan Turner and Spencer Hawes. The fact that those two have been replaced by Eliot Williams and likely Byron Mullens, expect the Sixers to turn the ball over at a higher rate against the least stingy defensive teams in the league.

The schedule statistic that will likely make you believe the Sixers have a realistic shot at closing out the season on a 34-game winning streak lies within where their remaining games take place. After Brett Brown’s club hosts the Magic and Wizards this week, the Sixers will play 13 of their final 23 games on the road, with three of those games being the second-night of a back-to-back.

But forget numbers. Just look at the roster and ask yourself if this team can actually win another NBA game this season, especially after Danny Granger is bought out?

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