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Danny Granger to be bought out by Sixers, will become Free Agent

For some reason, the appeal of playing with Lorenzo Brown didn't excite him.


Word was Danny Granger wasn't super pumped to be traded from the East-leading Indiana Pacers to the dodgeball team doubling as the Sixers. Though there was some thought to the idea that Granger could play the last third of the season with the Sixers and boost his value as a sign-and-trade candidate this offseason, uhh, Danny ain't having that.

For Danny's destination, the Jakes are hearing the Miami Heat is likely, New York probably not, San Antonio might be, and OKC is a chance also.

In terms of a buyout agreement, we don't know anything yet. Doubt Granger has much leverage in those talks since he wants to get as far away from Philadelphia as possible, so it'll probably be smallish. We'll see how that affects the all-non-important salary cap floor when those figures get released.

Blaming Granger for not wanting to stick around for this dumpster fire of a season when he can go to a playoff team is silly. So if you're upset at him, you're silly. Let's curb all arguments of that and just assume that if you hold that opinion, you're silly.

Would've been fun to watch him, but hey-- we've got all these other fun guys instead. And this opens up another spot for a D-Leaguer!  25 games remain after tonight. Chins up, kids.

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