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76ers' Sunday Morning Shootaround: It's So Hard To Say Goodbye

Will BJ Mullens and Henry Sims be as entertaining on Twitter as Evan, Spence and Lavoy were? DOUBTFUL.

Missing you guys already...
Missing you guys already...
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

I'm going to miss Spencer Hawes.

Not for anything that he did on the court, necessarily (although his ability to stretch the floor would be a nice asset on a good team). I'm sad to see Hawes go for the things that he did when he wasn't in uniform. While his political views (and toilet paper choices) weren't overly popular with Sixers' fans, his hyper-nationalism was both intriguing and entertaining. We'll ALWAYS be on the same team, Spence. 'Merica.

Part of me is also sad to see Lavoy Allen go. Not only is it nice to see someone from my alma mater in the pros, but very few players have the audacity to miss an open practice one day after posting a pictures from the Drake concertthe night before.

I'm REALLY going to miss Evan Turner. Just last week, Mike Levin wrote "Four years later, Evan is still Evan," and no truer words have ever appeared on this site. But while Turner never lived up to the expectations of a No. 2 pick, he's a superstar in the world of social media.

There's plenty more than can be said about the trio, but it's probably best to let the three speak for themselves...








How did this get in here? Sorry about that...

Farewell, gentlemen. Sunday mornings will never be the same without you.

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