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The Danny Granger Dilemma: To buyout or to keep?

Will the Sixers grant Danny Granger his wish and buyout his contract?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

After multiple sources indicated to Liberty Ballers that the Sixers will likely buy out Danny Granger's contract over the next several days, Sixers general manager Sam Hinkie told reporters that he would have "discussions" with the eighth-year small forward Philadelphia acquired, along with a future second-round pick, in exchange for Evan Turner and Lavoy Allen.

While it may seem like a very cut and dry situation, the prospect of buying out Granger's current one-year, $14 million deal is a bit more complicated beneath the surface.

At a first glance, it would makes sense for Hinkie and the Sixers to let Granger test free agency, sign with a contender and compete for a championship. That's certainly what Granger would prefer.

Entrapping Granger inside this Philly tank would be nothing but torture for the one-time All-Star, and the Sixers can grant his wishes to compete for a ring buy paying the roughly $4.5 million buyout clause in Granger's current deal. Granger would then become an unrestricted free agent free to sign with any NBA team other than Philadelphia and Indiana.

At the same time, keeping Danny Granger under contract until July 1, could also prove valuable to the Sixers. No, not to provide "veteran leadership" to the youngest team in NBA history, but to maintain control of his bird rights. Having Granger's bird rights would allow the Sixers to move Granger in a sign-and-trade this summer similar to how Sacramento received Greivis Vazquez in return for Tyreke Evans fleeing the Kings organization for the New Orleans Pelicans last July. In this route, the Sixers could potentially move Granger to receive younger talent or future picks in return.

It would be safe to say, knowing Hinkie's brief, yet diabolical, tinkering history at the helm of the Sixers, there is no telling what he could haul with that trade chip in his pocket.

However, expect Granger to be bought out by Monday.

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