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Sixers Waive Earl Clark, Trade Deadline Never Ends

Goodbye, Earl.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Just a few hours after acquiring him from Cleveland in the Spencer Hawes trade, the Sixers have waived Earl Clark, making him a free agent and getting the Sixers back to the maximum number of roster spots.

Clark was non-guaranteed for next season, but consensus was they could use his $4.25M figure to make salaries match on draft night. I was pretty geeked about watching him bounce around for awhile. Not gonna happen, apparently. The Hawes trade is now ostensibly for Henry Sims and two second rounders. Henry Sims, last man standing.

What that means for Danny Granger and his assumed buyout, I have no idea. Maybe they keep him and let him be a good locker room guy? That seems like bunk, especially for this team. I can't imagine he'd be too happy doing that, coming from Indiana and all, where they win games and stuff. I don't think setting Clark free necessarily prevents them doing the same to Granger, because having an extra roster spot for a D-Leaguer is more valuable than forcing Danny at age 30 to languish on this team for the last 27 games. We'll find out soon enough.

One plus side of this is, even though I've liked him for a very long time, I kept forgetting Earl Clark's name over the course of the day. That was probably a bad sign. I'm sorry, Earl. This one's on me.

And it was, Past Mike. And it was.

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