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Trade Deadline Could've Been: Evan Turner Nearly Traded To Lakers

What if I told you Evan Turner could be wearing Lakers gold right now?

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Come 3:30 P.M. Thursday, word was out that Evan Turner was on his way to Indiana, packaged with Lavoy Allen in return for Danny Granger and a second round pick. But in the hour leading up to the trade deadline, Turner looked to be headed way out west.

Sources confirm to Liberty Ballers that the Sixers and the Los Angeles Lakers were in discussions for the former 2nd overall pick, and were looking for a third team to help facilitate the deal. The Lakers would have acquired Turner and multiple second round picks. Philadelphia would have received Chris Kaman, an expiring contract. Interest in Kaman was first reported by ESPN's Ramona Shelbourne.

But the deal had the potential to go far beyond Kaman and Turner, as those within Thaddeus Young's camp believe he was involved in trade talks as well. Both the Sixers and Lakers were looking to be compensated with a first round pick, but were unable to find a third team willing to give up their top pick to make the deal work.

Philadelphia decided to cut off talks with the Lakers before it was too late, and eventually agreed to terms with the Indiana Pacers.

The Sixers spent many months rather vocally searching for a first round pick for their three trade assets, and came somewhat close to pulling it off. Alas, Evan Turner is on his way to Indianapolis, and many behind the scenes could be wondering about the deal that never went down.

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