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Pacers Trade Danny Granger to Sixers for Evan Turner, Lavoy Allen at the Deadline


Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Evan Turner has been traded to the Indiana Pacers. He is no longer on the Sixers because he has been traded. Lots of feelings. Lavoy Allen is gone too. Danny Granger coming back. Maybe a pick. Nobody knows anything. Here's the report.

Just like the Byron Mullens trade, which we still don't know much about this is insane you guys got any advil, the terms of this deal are not fully fleshed out. All three guys are expiring after this year (Evan is restricted, as you know). The likelihood is that Danny Granger, at age 30, will be bought out by the Sixers and go somewhere else.

Evan and Lavoy, I suppose, will help Indiana for the simple fact that they are bodies capable of function. I don't know what their role is. I don't know who the Sixers are receiving or releasing or anything.

I don't know.

I know that Hinkie is a beast and this isn't over. We'll have more when I can process solid foods again.

And just before I was about to post, here's this:


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