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Byron Mullens Trade: Sixers Send 2nd Rounder to Clippers at Trade Deadline


Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sport

The Sixers have acquired Byron Mullens from the Clippers for a yet-to-be-determined second round pick. This puts the Sixers at 17 players, which as you know is against the rules. Something else is going to happen.

Mullens is bad. Really bad. He's tall and bad. Like the tree in front of your house that drips sticky things onto your porch and when you have friends over you always have to remind them to watch out for the sticky spot and you know, you'll clean it eventually, but you never do. Like that.

On the other hand, he's... no, he's just bad. At 25, he hasn't improved much at all since being drafted out of Ohio State, where he was also pretty bad. Well, he's 7-feet and a load at 275. But he looks awkward as hell on the court and shoots 40% from the field, which is nice. He played for OKC and Charlotte before the Clips, where he was bad. The impetus for LA moving him was to get under the tax. He has a $1.06M player option for next year that he will sure as hell exercise.

Really, this is about jokes. Sam Hinkie is a funny guy, you've seen him, and he likes a good joke. He must've seen a fun comedy show last nigh and figured this was the best way to replicate that humor. So here we are, with Byron Mullens, who I will consistently call BJ by mistake and not care.

There's more to this trade, there's gotta be, but for now, let's all just sit in puzzlement at the idea of Byron Mullens as a Sixer. Hm.

Talk soon. AH GRANGER!

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