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Sixers Acquire Eric Maynor, More Second Rounders in Three-Team Andre Miller Trade with Wizards, Nuggets


hey darius morris though!
hey darius morris though!
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Sam Hinkie is not messing around. In his second trade of the day, Hinkie manuevered his way into being the third team in an Andre Miller trade, always a dangerous proposition considering what happened last time the Sixers were involved with Other Dre. The principal trade is with the Wizards and Nuggets, but that sure as hell doesn't preclude the Sixers from benefiting in the form of Eric Maynor and two more picks.

Two second-rounders. Aldridge reports that it's not actually 2014 2nd's like we had thought -- it's a 2015 2nd from Washington (could be theirs or New Orleans', which they own) and a 2016 2nd from Denver.

Andre Miller goes to the Wizards to backup John Wall, cool, and Jan Vesely goes to Denver to goof around with Evan Fournier and Javale McGee, cool. There's nothing in the world I like more than being the third team in a trade. I'd rather be the third team in a trade than win a championship.

Eric Maynor, meanwhile, is an actual point guard. He's not a very good one, and unfortunately he has a $2.1M player option for next season that he'll likely exercise, but fine. I promise, promise we'll have more on him when this all settles down. Maybe they flip him, maybe they don't. He's a backup point guard and probably not better than Lorenzo Brown -- but I'm going to Kendall Marshall him anyway. If you don't know what that means, welcome to Liberty Ballers.

Sixers will have to let somebody go as their roster is now too full. Day's not over yet so sit tight on that.

For a moment there, it looked like we'd have 9 second rounders in the 2014 Draft. That would have been the best thing in our nation's history, but this will suffice.


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