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Spencer Hawes Trade: Sixers Receive Earl Clark and Henry Sims From Cavs

News continues to trickle in, we'll keep flipping out and posting prematurely!

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The swiftness from which the Spencer Hawes to Cleveland went from rumor to HAPPENING OH GOD is remarkable. Now, we've got a bit more oxygen in our lungs and the trade is being reported in earnest. In addition to the two 2014 second-rounders the Sixers will receive from the Cavs, they'll also get Earl Clark and Henry Sims.

I'm an unabashed Earl Clark fan from his days at Louisville next to Terrence Williams. He's been tossed around the league a lot -- the Sixers will be his 5th team since he got drafted in '09. What does he do well? Uh, not much, really! But he's athletic and he's Earl Clark and I am so on board with another Hinkie Reclamation Project, even though he's 26 and now the oldest player on the team that will actually play. Also his $4.25M on the books for next year is non-guaranteed, so this will likely just be 27 games of Earl Clark fun before watching him ride out into the sunset.

Sims is a 7-footer from Georgetown who played with Hollis Thompson. He's 23 and really all you need to know is that he played with Hollis Thompson. Making your superstars happy is a priority even at the Deadline of a tanking season. HOLLIS. Another unguaranteed contract next year. HOLLIS THOUGH.

Add those two picks and the Sixers have FIVE 2014 second-rounders. I haven't had time to process this yet, but my initial reaction is "GOOD. YES."

Stay with us. Earl Clark! EARL CLARK! I'll be mourning Spencer later, promise.

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