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76ers' Sunday Morning Shootaround: Wings and Things

In this edition of the Sunday Morning Shootaround, Brett Brown stops by Wing Bowl, the Sixers' social media game falls flat, and Evan Turner buys a bunch of sneakers that he's not allowed to wear.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

If a tweet falls in a forest, and no one can access Twitter to read it, does it make a sound?

We've taken shots at the Sixers' (mis)use of social media over the years, but we are glad that they're making an effort. That said, the team's recent Dikembe Mutombo-themed contest fell on deaf ears.

Granted... they received a couple of creative submissions such as this and this. But that's it: no one else even bothered to submit a Vine for the contest. I guess filming 6 seconds of video is too much effort for a pair of Sixers' tickets. By the way, the Sixers happened to lose by 547 points that night to the Hawks.


A year after newly-minted Philadelphia Eagles' head coach Chip Kelly made an appearance at Wing Bowl, Sixers' head coach Brett Brown stopped by the 22nd edition of the grown-up frat party extravaganza.

Not only did Brown have zero idea what he agreed to, but he also had no clue that the Wells Fargo Center could hold 20,000 people. The Sixers' bench boss implored the crowd to stick around for the basketball game later that night, but most of them ignored his advice. For the record, 14,702 allegedly watched the 76ers lose by 984 points to the Hawks on Friday.


None of you have any idea how often Big Jake has brought this up in the internal Liberty Ballers' e-mails this week.


Presented without comment.


Is it strange that I want to drive down to Hampton, VA just so I can ride the bus with a group of people who love A.I. as much as I do? It is? Then forget I ever said anything...

(Editor's Note: I'm sure that the free casino play is a subtle nod at Iverson's affinity for the tables. Nothing gets past us here at LB.)


Don't click on the link above if you like your eyes. For all of you aspiring coaches out there: A 2-on-1 fast break for your team should never result in a pass to a player standing 40 feet away.


REALLY going to miss these tweets after the Sixers cut Brandon Davies and sign Dewayne Dedmon for the rest of the season.


The Sixers have won exactly one game in the past 10 days, and that win came as a result of an Evan Turner buzzer-beater which gave his team a 95-94 victory over the (quasi-tanking) Boston Celtics.

In the aftermath of Turner running around the TD Garden court looking for someone to hug, a number of 76ers' fans wanted to put ET on the first thing smoking out of town. That, of course, would appear to be counter-productive: Over the past two games (both losses), Turner has gone a combined 8-for-23 from the floor.

So, to be clear: We don't dislike ET....

Okay... maybe MOST of us don't dislike ET. We just want him to miss shots for all 48 minutes of the game instead of just for the first 47. Oh... and we also want him to stop putting stupid things on his shoes.

Speaking of Turner's shoe game...


In sum, Tony Wroten swears he's the king of kicks in the NBA (a title actually held by Nick Young) while Evan Turner bought 57 pairs of sneakers, most of which he can't wear in public due to his shoe deal with Li-Ning.

Turner said he made the mistake of wearing several of them in public as a younger player, and his sponsor made clear that it was not pleased. So his collection is pretty much off limits to him.

Turner was asked what he wore around town instead.

"Mostly slippers," he said.

Never change, Evan.

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