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Source: Charlotte Holding Firm To Offer For Evan Turner

The Bobcats seem like the like the only landing spot for Evan Turner. Can Sam Hinkie get what he wants?

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

We are just under 27 hours away before the NBA trade deadline hits, and the Sixers still have yet to trade any of their core pieces, most notably Evan Turner. Signs could be pointing to the former Ohio State star finishing out his contract in Philadelphia this year.

A source has told Liberty Ballers that the Charlotte Bobcats have continued to express interest in Turner, and as of Tuesday night the two parties were in "advanced discussions". Philadelphia is clearly looking to add a third first round draft pick, but the Michael Jordan-led organization don't seem to be interested in parting with one. The Bobcats have been standing firm to their offer of an expiring contract and a second round pick, the source said.

Prior reports out of Charlotte had stated that there may be a willingness from the team to part with the first round pick they obtained from the Portland Trailblazers.

Another widely reported suitor for the 25-year-old was the San Antonio Spurs, who seem poised to try and bolster their bench for a deep playoff run. According to a source, they are no longer in the running for his services.

There is still plenty of time for a deal to be done but as of now, all trade talks involving Evan Turner seem to be gridlocked.

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