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Sixers in trade discussions with all 29 other NBA teams

A source close to the Sixers has told Liberty Ballers that "Sam's shopping all three of them hard."


During All-Star weekend, Fox Sports Ohio reported that the San Antonio Spurs were very interested in acquiring Thaddeus Young and Ersan Ilyasova before this Thursday's NBA Trade Deadline.

Tuesday morning, a source close to the Sixers, speaking on the case of anonymity, informed Liberty Ballers that the defending Western Conference champs are indeed interested in trading for Young's services, as well as Evan Turner's, and have been in contact with General Manager Sam Hinkie. The source also continued to say that Hinkie has held discussions with all 29 rival NBA teams regarding all three of Young, Turner and Spencer Hawes.

While there is nothing tangible to report at this time, this information certainly points towards Hinkie conducting business in Philadelphia similarly to how the Rockets did during his tenure in Houston - wheeling and dealing until the final minutes before the deadline.

This information also shows that the Sixers have re-opened to the possibility of trading Young prior to the deadline, instead of changing their focus towards keeping him in Philadelphia into the summer and up till the 2014 NBA Draft, as reported several days ago.

As always, be on the look out for some transaction fireworks coming out of the Navy Yard. Just about 50 hours left until the clock strikes 3 p.m. on Thursday afternoon.

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