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All-Star Saturday Night/MCW! MCW! MCW! Chant Thread

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Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, there's no game. No pace factor or advanced stats to throw up on the site. Instead, we get a (hopefully) fun night of (hopefully) cool things and (hopefully) maybe a trophy for our favorite Sixers point guard, Michael Carter-Williams.

Predictions and such are welcome and encouraged. I wrote a preview of what to expect earlier today. You can read that here. Note the changes to the formats for everything but the Shooting Stars competition, which I'm not sure actually counts. Here are some of mine:

Shooting Stars: The Curry family

Skills Competition: Why not? MCW and Victor Oladipo

Three Point Contest: Kevin Love, because I'm currently wearing his jersey

Dunk Contest: East, with Paul George as the "dunker of the night" because this is stupid