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Sixers in Las Vegas Summer League

This is a bigger deal than LeBron doing the dunk contest.


Having consummated the Liberty Ballersmanship at Las Vegas Summer League 2012 aka THE ADAM MORRISON EXPERIENCE slash MIKE PLAYS LIKE EVAN TURNER, the LB crew has Vegas Summer League near and dear to its heart. Last year marked the second straight year Liberty Ballers had more players there than the Sixers -- finally, that will be rectified.

Sam Amick is hearing Vegas will be getting 24 teams, a new high, and one that includes the Philadelphia 76ers of Hinkiedom. That's huge.

Okay, it's not huge, but it's huge for me. Summer League is like MLB Spring Training only worse. And if you have to ask why that's actually better, then you don't know me at all.

VSL is the perfect environment to casually see Kent Bazemore around the Thomas and Mack Center and David Wesley at the poker tables. Trying to remember the name of the 6'9 guy that played for Providence in 2008 as he's walking by you while you're five drinks deep-- there's nothing better. Best thing is it's not ORLANDO GODDAMMIT.

Can't wait. I'll be there. Sometime in July. Make plans to be there. Scout some castoffs, chat with Sixers front office execs... Liberty Ballers was made for this.

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