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Sixers Lose Two Straight Games By 40+ Points

Warriors 123, Sixers 80. Clippers 123, Sixers 78. Consistency. Improvement. History.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

APRIL 23, 1994 -- Things have not gotten easier for Fred Carter's Sixers as the weather has improved. After last night's shellacking at the hands of Patrick Ewing and the East-leading Knicks, Philly took a short flight to Indiana and presented their rumps for a firm spanking. Rik Smits dropped 40 points on the Manute-less Sixers, all the while writing the book on Dutch foreign policy for President Clinton.

"It's like we laid down our arms and surrendered," said Carter. "It happens, but you hate for it to happen like that. The players recognize that we're playing out the string, and you try to appeal to their pride. We just couldn't muster it up."

Sometimes, even pride doesn't do the trick.

The Sixers have lost by a combined 93 points against the Knicks (48) and Pacers (45) the past two nights. If the hope of selecting one of the nation's top prospects in Glenn Robinson, Grant Hill, Jason Kidd, or Sharone Wright wasn't appealing to the fanbase, I don't know that this team would have any fans left. June can't get here quick enough.

One bright spot for the Sixers is the recent play of rookie Greg Graham, who lead the team with 15 points on the night. They're certainly banking on him forming a nice foundation with Clarence Weatherspoon going forward.

With one game left in the season and the Sixers sitting at 24-57, a final home game against the Terry Mills-led Detroit Pistons at the Spectrum is all that separates this team from summer vacation. Surely this can't happen again.

The 90's are crazy, right? Andrew Wiggins isn't even born yet, shit. Anyway, I'm off to a Salt N Pepa concert.

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