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Sixers-Pistons Preview: As Disinterested as Josh Smith is to Not Take Bad Jumpers

There's probably better things to do tonight.

Greg Monroe can see between his legs!
Greg Monroe can see between his legs!
Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

There's are things more interesting in life than a Sixers-Pistons game at the beginning of February during a season where the results barely count and the points barely matter. To wit:

  • Terrence Ross dunking on people.
  • Josh Smith trade rumors. I can't imagine why the big lineup didn't work out *Josh Smith lets air out of the ball*.
  • Greg Monroe trade rumors! (unfortunately, they don't really exist)
  • The Dos Equis Guy.
  • Various other things on television that are also occurring tonight: the Best of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Forensic Files, and Gilligan's Island. And maybe The Day After Tomorrow, which Mother Nature has tried recreating this winter
  • The Nets setting the NBA record for fewest rebounds in a game where Reggie Evans played! 17 rebounds in an entire game! Evans averages more than 17 rebounds per 48 minutes!
  • Compiling draft boards, unless you're me and have watched approximately 5 college basketball games this year. More on this... soon.

But seriously: Andre Drummond is a very athletic and talented rebounder and finisher, and Brandon Jennings seemingly always torches just the Sixers. Rodney Stuckey is having the third bounce-back season in his seventh year of his career. I'm down with KCP. It's just hard to summon enthusiasm when the results are either incredible blowouts or narrow wins, since those are the two worst results for basically any game this year.

Here's hoping for a close loss or a blowout victory for a change, since I'll be watching/recapping this, along with copious amount of entertainment. Otherwise, if you plan on staying in, well Rocky III is on.

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