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Malcolm Lee: The Worst Point Guard Of All Time

The case for why Malcolm Lee may be the worst point guard ever.

This picture just feels right.
This picture just feels right.
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Coming into Friday's game against the Detroit Pistons, the Sixers were a little short handed in the ball-handling department. Tony Wroten was still recovering from a knee injury and Alexey Shved was dealing with an aching hip, leaving Michael Carter-Williams as the only true ball handler on the team.

Philadelphia needed to act quick on their feet, so they went and called up Malcolm Lee from the Delaware 87ers, sacrificing good ol' boy Drew Gordon in the process to make it possible. Here's what Brett Brown said to Dei Lynam about the acquisition of Lee:

"Today after we realized that Alexey [Shved] wasn't going to play, you start saying what is my worst nightmare," Brown said of the decision to sign Lee.

His worst nightmare apparently was actually giving Lee playing time (mine involves the serial killer in "Too Many Cooks", but to each his own), as the former UCLA guard didn't see the floor at all in Friday's overtime win. The job requirement seemed simple enough for Lee to handle: a human being (not mandatory) with appendages (also not mandatory but helpful) who had dribbled a basketball in this lifetime (or a previous life). Nope, not good enough.

Instead, fans were given JaKarr Sampson to run the point in the few fleeting moments Carter-Williams was allowed to catch his breath on the bench. Sampson is not good at much, but he is really good at doing a lot of bad in an inordinately short amount of time. If JaKarr Sampson was a Hurricane on Friday, then he was a Category 4 (not gusty enough for Category 5), because everything he touched he just destroyed.

In the second quarter, Sampson spent just one minute and fifty-eight seconds on the floor and managed to pick up a defensive three seconds violation, three fouls, and a missed three point attempt. I believe that's known as the Larry Hughes hat trick of ineptitude. If Hurricane JaKarr has to play point guard again, run for the storm shelters, people.

Regardless, Malcolm Lee is apparently so bad that the coaching staff felt he could not do a better job running the point than JaKarr Sampson, who is just a nose hair from being out of the NBA.

Therefore, this makes Malcolm Lee the worst point guard ever.

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