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PRESS RELEASE: Sixers Blog to Become Maroon 5 Stronghold

It's time for a Wake Up Call.

PICTURED: Maroon 5 lead singer Michael Levin
PICTURED: Maroon 5 lead singer Michael Levin
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The 76ers have been open and honest about the state of their team and long-term plan. We here at Liberty Ballers feel an obligation to carry on with that same objective in mind.

Inspired by last night's Sixers triumph over the Minnesota Timberwolves, we are proud to officially announce -- after all these Wasted Years -- that Liberty Ballers will now double as your home for Sixers coverage and Maroon 5 news. Wipe Your Eyes, longtime followers, and say the Sweetest Goodbye to the blog you know and love.

Our transition to a new setup has in part been forced by the good folks at Fox Sports, whose nightly recap crew had their Hands All Over the story before we were prepared to reveal Michael Levin's real identity.

It was a little Harder To Breathe knowing that some of you would have questions about how this would impact our Sixers coverage. When Mike announced he was stepping down in August, there was talk about him being involved in a new television project. The truth is, the strain of running LB while touring and recording episodes of The Voice had become overwhelming. "One More Night" was his rallying cry, soldiering on despite conditions that may have sidelined a lesser man. It was our duty to remind him that Nothing Lasts Forever.

That message applies to you too, dear reader. You stuck it out through the Eddie Jordan era, came for the Misery of Doug Collins' long twos and got on board for Sam Hinkie's Better That We Break outlook. You've embraced change and grown with us as we've expanded our content into poop jokes and podcasting. All we ask is that you stick around as we attempt to Give a Little More insight into the music industry.

Mike has been gracious enough to give us inside scoops going forward, and we plan on showing the same dedication in following his other career. This is no Curtain Call; we simply Won't Go Home Without You.

Losing My Mind trying to shoehorn more puns into this announcement, I kick it over now to friend of the blog Soulja Boy, who took the time to record a track in honor of the occasion.

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