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Sixers Acquire Another Second Round Pick, Trade Alexey Shved to Houston

Au revoir, sexy Alexey.

That goatee tho
That goatee tho
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A little late for a lone article, but in a minor move consummated before last night's game, the Sixers involved themselves in the Corey Brewer trade between the Rockets and the TimberwolvesAdrian Wojnarowski, as usual, was the first to report:

Houston will send guard Troy Daniels to Minnesota as part of the Brewer deal, sources said. The Rockets will also give Minnesota a 2015 second-round pick - via Sacramento - and a future second-round pick, along with cash.

The 76ers also will send guard Alexy Shved to the Rockets, sources said. To make room on the roster to complete the trade, the Rockets waived forward Francisco Garcia.

Minnesota will send forward Ronny Turiaf and a second-round pick to the Philadelphia 76ers, sources said. Turiaf recently had arthroscopic surgery on his right hip and will miss the remainder of the season.

Derek noted this in his recap, but we believed this warranted it's own post, mostly because it's going to be part of our roster move StoryStream I plan to assemble by the end of the season for everyone's enjoyment.

Sergei Lishouk, not mentioned above, was also in the trade. I had no idea he existed until they announced the deal. He's a Ukrainian center, so he makes up for the Eastern European we lost in the deal.

The three picks Houston is sending out for the two players they received is a small price to pay for them, especially since they get two potential rotation players and are competing for a title now. Corey Brewer is elite at two NBA things, which are mostly related - running the floor on fast breaks or for outlet passes, and playing the passing lanes defensively. Meanwhile, Shved should be a third guard at both backcourt positions, strengthening a position depleted by injuries to both the starting point guards at various points this season.

Shved and Brewer were teammates in Minnesota less than four months ago. Ronny Turiaf is expected to be waived, as Woj noted that Turiaf is out for the season with a hip injury, opening up a roster spot. Derek also noted that the Sixers were interested in potentially bringing back forward Malcolm Thomas, who spent about two weeks with the team earlier in the year. Thomas underwent arthroscopic knee surgery about a month ago.

The pick the Sixers received belonged to the Houston Rockets in 2015, which will likely be a late second rounder. That brings their total to six picks in the 2015 Draft, including four in the second round. No protections were attached.

Shved is the fourth player traded since the start of training camp with a second round pick included in return. He joins Arnett Moultrie, Casper Ware, and Brandon Davies. Of the previous three, only Davies is still with an NBA team.