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LB at the Sixers Night is TOMORROW!

Come join us at the game, and you might win a prize!

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Liberty Ballers at the 76ers Night 2014, our (almost!) annual meeting of the internet minds, happens tomorrow night, which you probably know if you've visited the site at any point over the past week. The Sixers gave us a promo code to use for tickets that you can find at the bottom of this post.

In order to try and coax you into joining us, and reward those who've already committed to making the trip down to the Wells Fargo Center, we're going to have a contest. Bring a poster, a custom t-shirt, or something that I can take a picture of before the game or at halftime and post to the Liberty Ballers Twitter account (@Liberty_Ballers, if you're late to that party). I'll be in and around Section 208 all night, ready to scope out the best of the best.

Also, please keep anything you might bring at least somewhat family-friendly. Children might be there.

From there, the writers in attendance will judge and determine who the top 3 acts are. First place gets their pick of one of three *great* prizes (one of which we'll ship to you - more on this tomorrow at the game), second picks next, and third gets the final item.

Aside from the general awesomeness of people coming out like they did to a party where the point was to watch the NBA lottery, my favorite part of the LB/RTRS Lottery Party is that people had ridiculous Sixers swag. Custom t-shirts, banners, other things that were very internetty and very hilarious. It's basically our thing to be outlandish and dumb and funny. Embrace it and show off.

Sixers Ticket Code Info

1. Go to
2. Enter Code HOOPS5501
3. Select game (12/19 vs. Hornets) and seats