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Liberty Ballers at the Sixers Night 2014-15: December 19th vs Hornets

Come and join us for a night out while watching an actual game this time! And yes, that's next Friday.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Before I begin: the success of the Liberty Ballers/Rights to Ricky Sanchez Lottery Party in May absolutely blew everyone here at Liberty Ballers away. Nobody on our end expected 200 people to drive to Miller's Ale House to watch a 30-minute NBA Draft Lottery show and celebrate the moment. It was unimaginable.

So, now that the draft is over, while Dario dominates overseas and Embiid does the Shmoney dance, we're going to meet for another occasion. But this time, it will be for more than 30 minutes of television.

A few months ago, I mentioned that we were aiming for Friday, December 19th. And we're doing it, and we hope as many people show up this time as in May, because while the 76ers are bad, at least they're fun-bad.

(No word on whether the loss of Brandon Davies will serve to lessen the fun. I say yes.)

Because of the availability and the cost, we're going to post up in the upper level. We're scoping out Section 208 in the Wells Fargo Center as our central spot because there are so many seats available, but feel free to sit anywhere and come around during the game. The Sixers ticket office has set us up with a ticket code to get discounts on tickets, which is cool. The better the ticket, the bigger the discount, and ticket fees are slashed. See the bottom of the post for that.

During halftime, we'll have a meet-and-greet of sorts in the upper-level concourse near Section 208. Just look for the crowd of socially awkward internet people. And we'll also likely work a few giveaways into that as well. Afterward, we'll head over to Xfinity Live for the remainder of the night. We look forward to seeing you there!

Sixers Ticket Code Info

1. Go to
2. Enter Code HOOPS5501
3. Select game (12/19 vs. Hornets) and seats