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Brandon Davies Falls From Grace, And Other Unfortunate Events: Philadelphia 76ers 88, Toronto Raptors 120

Well that was fun and by fun I mean the complete opposite of fun.

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This team has not won a game and yet as a team they have done nothing but impress. Sure when a team is 0-6 and set up like the Sixers, there will be some regrettable moments (hi Chris Johnson), but on the whole the Sixers have played well against some not-awful teams. And furthermore, they've been fun to watch in the process.

some nincompoop earlier this afternoon

Hey remember the first six games of the year where the Sixers were competitive and fun to watch? Those were sure nice! And not what happened tonight.

A roster constructed as the Sixers with injuries to Michael Carter-Williams and Nerlens Noel was bound to get blown out at some point against superior competition, and for the first time this season, it happened. The Raptors took an early lead and then ran away with it to the tune of a 120-88 victory If this was an Orlando Summer League game, the Raptors would have taken eight points from this game.

Tony Wroten "led" the Sixers with a tune of 18 points on 6-for-16 shooting. Those shooting numbers are bleak, and they do not get much better when you look down the roster. K.J. McDaniels was 5-11 for 11 points, Chris Johnson was 5-12 for 16 points,  Alexey Shved was 5-11 for 14 points, and that concludes the recap of the Sixers' standout scorers from the game. K.J., Shved, and Johnson all came off the bench.

For the Raptors, DeMar DeRozan dominated. He had 24 points on only 12 shots, picked up 6 rebounds, and added 2 assists to his fantastic shooting performance. Terrence Ross (a.k.a. TRoss, everyone calls him TRoss) also made more than 50% of his shots while firing up more than 10 opportunities. Meanwhile former Sixer Lou Williams came off the bench with a performance to write a collaboration with Drake about. He went 5-9 from the field for 16 points, two of which came on a 20-foot shot at the third quarter buzzer. He hasn't changed a lick.

Lastly, some bullet points to wrap this turdbooger of a game up.

  • Brandon Davies airball? Brandon Davies airball! Tonight was everything we came to know and love and occasionally hate about the old 2013-14 Brandon Davies. He missed shots, he was poor on the defensive end, he was, in a sense, Brandon Davies. And then James Johnson gave him the posterization of a lifetime.
  • After a Raptors 3rd quarter alley-oop following a Sixers defensive breakdown, Brett Brown took the opportunity to scream and shout and chase away half the crowd with the piercing sounds of his voice alone. At least that last one seemed true given the ferocity of his screams.
  • Drake made an appearance at the game, and the Sixers noted his presence duly by quoting him in a melancholy fashion following the game. Maybe our people can get in contact with their people and next time these teams play Drake can play Drumstix.
  • After years of despising everything Lou Williams stood for, I found myself watching him today and not totally hating it. Sam Hinkie has helped us all move on, and the Lou Williams Hate Advisory Index (LWHAI) can be retired for good. This truly is a new era at LB.
  • The best thing you can about watching this Sixers game is you were not a Bear fan watching Sunday Night Football. The Packers scored another touchdown.
  • I'm not saying I have a magic tanking touch but the last time I recapped a win Doug Collins was coaching the team. No other person on the LB staff can say that.
In conclusion,

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