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Sixers-Magic Recap: Nerlens Injured as Magic Win Entertaining Game on a Buzzer-Beater

The Magic won an entertaining game via a last-second shot from Tobias Harris, while Nerlens Noel played just 17 minutes and left in the third quarter. Noel should be okay.

Brandon Davies cannot be stopped.
Brandon Davies cannot be stopped.
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The headline and teaser say a lot - Orlando won on a buzzer-beater by Tobias Harris in a game where Nerlens Noel got hurt. On the surface, it sounds like an awful night. However, it was actually quite fun, mostly because the 76ers are far more entertaining than any team with their talent level has any right to be.

Plus, Noel's injury does not appear to be serious. He left the game in the third quarter with an ankle sprain, one hard to detect on camera. He left and did not return, which may have cost the Sixers a better chance to win. However, in post game interviews, he indicated he should be fine soon, though his status for Friday's game was not discussed.

Tony Wroten finished with 27 wild points, including a season-high four threes made. He also committed nine (9!) turnovers, because he's a Shakespearean actor with a flare for the dramatic. The Wrotencoaster is exciting but also makes you want to puke - like those roller coasters no one wanted to ride in RollerCoaster Tycoon that had ultra-extreme intensity. Then you needed to hire handymen, and those guys were just the worst.

And somehow, I made it to the fourth paragraph before mentioning that Brandon Davies scored 20 (yes, 20) points. He's now averaging an amazing 12.6 points per game, second on the Sixers so far behind Wroten's 20.8. Davies looked automatic from mid range and walked into yet another three tonight. I don't know what else to say about it, because I'm still not completely sure it happened. And if it did, it's like Fight Club and I shouldn't discuss it.

Finally, and certainly the highlight of the night, was K.J. McDaniels:

Good lord. K.J., how could you be so heartless? Harkless is barely getting off the bench these days, and you've just made him go sit back down over there. In the meantime, you should have him ask Chris Johnson to join him. The kid could use a break.

Oh, and before he got hurt, Nerlens did this:

So even with all this happening, the tank rolls on. The Sixers and the Lakers are the only winless teams.

And actually one more thing. Guess which Sixers co-owner could be found in attendance at tonight's game? Was it Joshua Harris? Maybe David Blitzer? Or how about Will Smith?

ADAM ARON! CONFETTI! The Sixers may not have won, and Nerlens may have gotten hurt, but every other thing basically went right. And since losing is basically winning for the front office, we win either way. As weird as it sounds, it's a pretty good time to be a Sixers fan, even if confetti didn't drop from the ceiling.

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