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Report: Furkan Aldemir Joining Sixers, Terminates Galatasaray Contract

Originally thought to be on the Dario Saric plan, Furkan Aldemir now appears poised to join the Sixers this season.

It's the big splashy move that 76ers fans have been waiting for. Mired in a long losing streak to start the season, Philadelphia appears to be on the verge of another addition in the form of Turkish forward Furkan Aldemir.

Sportando is reporting that Aldemir terminated his contract with Galatasaray over a wage dispute, setting the stage for him to join the Sixers sooner than expected.

The overseas focused outlet is usually a reliable enough source on its own, and ESPN reporter Marc Stein's endorsement of the second tweet is a strong indication that this is going down. Not getting paid for your job is a pretty serious issue, so it's no surprise Aldemir would want to take advantage of his NBA option.

What does this mean for the Sixers? It's at the very least a pleasant surprise after Aldemir signed a three-year deal back in May, which looked to have put him on a similar timetable as Dario Saric. While it's nice to have players stashed away to be appreciated at a later date, getting guys integrated in the program and seeing what they can do is exactly what this stage of the process is about.

Originally acquired in the Rockets salary dump of Royce White -- such simple times they were -- Aldemir is known primarily as a rebounder. Through the first six games of the season in Turkey, he averaged 15.2 points and 11.9 rebounds per 40, shooting a blistering 75 percent from the field. That speaks more to his shot selection (he lives at the rim) than anything, but there's no doubt the Sixers can use a guy who is productive around the bucket at both ends.

He's unlike many of the Sixers wild cards in that he's not a great athlete, which could have an impact on those skills shining through, though his tenacity attacking the glass should overcome at least part of that. The little things he contributes -- setting hard picks, solid defense on pick-and-rolls -- won't jump off the screen at you, but they will make the lives of his teammates easier. Solid bench big for a team that doesn't have much there.

The question remains as to who will be put on the chopping block as a result of this move, and early signs point to it being a two-man race. Drew Gordon is the early favorite, and the team seems to be committed to developing JaKarr Sampson if his D-League assignment is any indication. I don't think it necessarily matters either way; both players are a long-shot to be involved with the franchise for an extended period of time. Sam Hinkie works in mysterious ways, so we'll be keeping an eye on how that develops.

The Sixers are getting a guy with a few tangible skills. On a roster that is filled with men who are more ideas than basketball players, it'll help.

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