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Sixers-Knicks Preview: A List of Things Worse than the Sixers and Knicks Combined

It's a short list.

What is Amar'e doing with his left hand?
What is Amar'e doing with his left hand?
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Seven feet of snow

President Snow

Kevin Hart

Pass interference

Chick-Fil-A being closed on Sundays

People who don't use the Oxford Comma

Flat tires


Ebola fear mongering

Kanye album rankings

Arnett Moultrie (cut by both teams!)

"Can the Sixers beat Kentucky?"


An actual birdemic

Stephen A. Smith


Having to change the rules of your pizza giveaway because you weren't giving away any pizza

Doug Collins

Power outages

Getting something stuck in your teeth during a date or other social outing

Crazy cat people

Carlos Boozer's draw-on hair


Making nonsensical lists in place of a legitimate game preview

The internet, in general

Working on weekends/holidays

Travel delays

Reggie Miller, the color commentator

Jon Barry, the color commentator, the player, and the person

The 76ers and the Knicks individually, somehow

The Man

Howard Eskin


Transformers 4

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