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Sixers-Spurs Recap: All Scoring Optional

The Sixers offensive woes continued in a 100-75 loss on the third leg of the Texas Triangle.

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The Sixers are not a good offensive basketball team. That's not a secret. They have the worst offensive rating in the league by far, and their effective field goal percentage and true shooting percentage are both worst in the league as well. In a macro sense, the Sixers have a bad offense, no, the worst offense. That's fine, it's to be expected when you build a team like the Sixers.

But on a game by game basis, it's particularly brutal to watch, especially when you run into a well-oiled machine like the San Antonio Spurs. The Spurs didn't even play their best game Monday night. They played a fairly sloppy game, partially because the Sixers were able to be somewhat disruptive on the defensive end. Tim Duncan only played 16 minutes, and Manu Ginobili played 12. That said, the result of this game was never in doubt. Why?

The Sixers shot a brutal 4-26 from 3-point range. Their inside game wasn't much better.

It wasn't without some bright spots though. Michael Carter-Williams is starting to look like a real basketball player again, scoring 16 points with 5 boards and 4 assists. After struggling to defend Kawhi Leonard in the first half, K.J. McDaniels stepped up in the second half and played a much stronger defensive game.

Their biggest weaknesses continue to show against tougher competition. Hollis Thompson is struggling mightily with his shot. Nerlens Noel currently has balloons for hands. Luc Mbah a Moute continues to act as if he is the best offensive player on the court. Consider this, via Liberty Ballers own Sohil Doshi:

I admire the Sixers gameplan of relying on the three ball. The problem is continuing to trot guys out there who have no business shooting that many threes in warmups, let alone in actual NBA games.

One person who does have business shooting that many threes is the newest Sixer, Robert Covington, who put together a nice stat line in his debut. (6 points, 3 boards, 2 assists, 2 steals, 17 minutes). While taking into consideration that it's one game, he seems like somebody who will definitely get minutes on this team, and could develop into a nice, versatile bench piece. I'm on board with the Covington era, regardless of whether or not he's actually playing in the game.

This game was more of the same for this Sixers team. After putting together the worst Texas Triangle trip of all-time, and losing their tenth consecutive game, they'll return home Wednesday night to play the Boston Celtics in the triumphant return to the Wells Fargo Center of Evan Turner, still searching for win number one.

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