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Sixers Likely to Sign Former Rocket Robert Covington

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Covington played just 35 NBA minutes last year, but he flourished in the D-League for Houston's lab experiment in Rio Grande Valley.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Apparently, the allure of the NBA is too hard to ignore. Robert Covington, a 6'9" forward from the D-League's Grand Rapids Drive (that's the Pistons affiliate, in case you were wondering), spent last season with the Houston Rockets. ESPN's Marc Stein had it first on Twitter:

Covington was selected with the number one overall pick in the D-League Draft and was considered by many the best unassigned D-League player to not have an NBA team. Covington played just 35 minutes for the Rockets last season. Despite that, someone handed him a second team All-Rookie vote for showing up.

In great news for the team, according to Sportando's David Pick, the deal is the Sam Hinkie Special - four years long, likely with nonguaranteed seasons. Previously, Covington's reps rejected such a deal, according to RealGM, as he and his representation did not want to lock him into a contract for four seasons at below-market value. Essentially, as a free agent, he tried to pull what used to be called The K.J. McDaniels. The new K.J. McDaniels is just this on a loop.

The Sixers roster is full, meaning someone would need to be released once the signing is official. Is Drew Gordon's time already up, or is the casualty someone else?