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23 Days Till Sixers: Who Makes the Final Sixers Roster?

Here is one person's prediction for how the Sixers will make their roster cuts. These predictions will almost certainly be wrong.

There's a 97% chance this photo is framed in Levin's new apartment.
There's a 97% chance this photo is framed in Levin's new apartment.
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The 76ers did not announce their training camp roster until after the events of media day ended. Putting the hilarity of that announcement aside, because of this the Sixers started making cuts before training camp began. Drew Gordon and Malcolm Lee, reportedly invited to camp, were bumped when the team traded for Keith Bogans and claimed Chris Johnson off waivers.

After the trade and roster claim, the 20-man roster included players either guaranteed a contact, on the roster previously, or heavily rumored to be in camp (namely Ronald Roberts and JaKarr Sampson). Those 20, give or take one or two changes (missin u, Gani Lawal), will be on the preseason roster for the next 20 days or so. At the end of preseason, the Sixers will make more difficult cuts.

To figure out who will stay or go, I looked at the roster in full. Again, these will probably be wrong.

LOCKS (9):

Michael Carter-Williams

Nerlens Noel

Joel Embiid

Hollis Thompson

Luc Mbah a Moute

K.J. McDaniels

Henry Sims

Tony Wroten

Jerami Grant

The only non-lock going into camp was Grant; with a two-year guaranteed contract, he appears to be a project the Sixers will invest in. The Lorenzo Brown Freeway could even get renamed this year.


Alexey Shved

Arnett Moultrie

Jarvis Varnado

The Sixers don't have to keep guaranteed contracts on the roster (there's still one very notable contract I haven't mentioned, yet), so they should have the flexibility to drop either Shved or Moultrie if they really wanted. But Shved's probably their best hope for a wing player that can create offense, and an in-shape Moultrie is at least intriguing enough to play off the bench that he appears safe.

Meanwhile, the Sixers liked Varnado enough that they didn't add him to either summer league roster. I think that should keep him around.


Casper Ware

With MCW's uncertain injury status, Ware should make the roster as the team's third point guard. But they could go away from him - either they'll trust Shved enough to run the point (which I find unlikely, because he's had enough time to prove how not-good he is at that in Minneapolis) or they'll pick up a point guard from another team. Ware's enough of a fringe player to think they could bump him for another point guard, especially when they traded for Pierre Jackson on draft night.


Elliot Williams

Ronald Roberts, Jr.


Chris Johnson

JaKarr Sampson

Brandon Davies

The only reason Elliot Williams is here over Chris Johnson or JaKarr Sampson is familiarity - the Sixers need another wing player, and Williams played on the team last year and improved as the year progressed. Roberts makes it over Brandon Davies as both played with the summer league squad, and one of the two looked like a potential NBA player. The other was Davies. Another big is preferable with Embiid out for most of, if not all of, the season.


Jason Richardson

Keith Bogans

J-Rich is still injured, not in great shape, and has no future with the team. Aside from being a professional, there's no value in keeping him around as his contract is mostly useless when the Sixers are so far below the salary cap. Meanwhile, I've been trying to find reasons to keep Bogans around for trades, but I can't think of a scenario where using Bogans instead of cap space is preferable.

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