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The Official 2014-15 LB Predictions Thread

Sorry for the, ahem, lateness.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Here's our questions. Good luck!

Because of the lateness, we'll give you until midnight tonight to answer and win a prize to be named later. And we'll have a review of last year's results soon as well.

1) How many games will the 76ers win during the regular season?

2) Who will be the first 76er traded or released this season?

3) Who will lead the Sixers in scoring, and with how many PPG?

4) The Sixers will come away with the _____ worst record in the NBA during 2014-15.

5) The Sixers' second win of the season will come against which team?

6) The longest losing streak the Sixers have this season will be how many games?

7) Where in the NBA will Nerlens Noel rank in blocks this season, if he qualifies?

8) The Sixers will draft ____ with their first draft pick this season.

9) Brandon Davies plays _____ games during the season.

10) What is the average margin of victory/defeat this season for the Sixers?

Bonus: Will the NBA pass lottery reform by the beginning of next season?

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